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Jeff Bergmann

Patents and intellectual property rights may be known for protecting inventions from unscrupulous rivals, but an understanding of the IP landscape holds an important key to every start-up’s journey: from using third-party components and software, to seeking seed funding, developing and marketing a new product or process, and establishing the relationships that will ultimately ensure its success. In his distinguished career as one of Australia’s leading commercialisation lawyers, Jeff Bergmann has developed – and instilled in others – a deep appreciation of the importance of an IP strategy to every entrepreneur’s fate.

Since establishing Solubility in 2007, Jeff has supported a range of start-ups through to commercial success, including Spinifex Pharmaceuticals, Hatchtech and Bellroy. He also worked closely with CSL’s executives during the exciting post-float period, and currently advises several companies at the forefront of stem cell research and leading medical research institutes, including the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and St Vincent’s Institute. Jeff has been invited to contribute to government review panels and seminal IP publications, and is in high demand to deliver presentations on IP and licensing – including as a long-standing guest lecturer in the University of Melbourne’s post-graduate Licensing Law program.

"You only get one shot, do not miss your chance. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime"

- Marshall Bruce Mathers III

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