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Gary Campbell

Since qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1992, Gary Campbell has been crafting bespoke financial and business strategies to help companies become more profitable and resilient. From major corporations to single-product start-ups, Gary has helped dozens of companies in Australia, Asia and Europe to launch new products and retail channels, trim their running costs, improve margins, rationalise supply chains, and initiate other strategies to optimise cashflows and boost productivity.

With his accountancy qualifications, an MBA, and a personal passion for business, Gary designs financial solutions for the toughest commercial challenges. He’s in an ideal position to advise entrepreneurs on critical “start-up fundamentals”: pricing new products, managing margins, managing debt, and generating cashflows (“the lifeblood of an organisation and driver of true equity value”). In 2012, Gary was awarded the UK Institute for Turnaround’s ‘International Turnaround of the Year’ award for his CFO role in an extensive financial restructuring that led to a 15-fold earnings increase for the UK operations of the global footwear materials maker, Texon.

“Never waste a good crisis” –

Winston Churchill

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